Attitudes Towards Teaching about Sexuality in Lithuanian Society


  • Vytautas Sinica Vilniaus universitetas



sexual education, sex education, teaching about sexuality, homosexuality, sexual activity, policy of education


In Lithuania, as everywhere in the world, for decades there has been a discussion on which paradigm of sexual education should be implemented, choosing between a sex education that is aimed towards protection from unwanted consequences of sexual activity, thus treating fertility as a threat, and a sexual education that seeks to promote the notion of linking sexual activity with long-term commitments, perceiving fertility as a potentiality. At its state level, Lithuania still hasn’t been able to choose either of these paradigms, and to coherently implement it in the national system of education. Because of this, the absence of sexual education has created a vacuum, which non-governmental organizations, representative of either paradigm, are continuously trying to fill. The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania establishes, that "parents and guardians shall, without restrictions, take care of the religious and moral education of their children and wards according to their own convictions" (article 26). Teaching about sexuality falls under the domain of moral education. However, there are no researches of public opinion on the given topic. This work aims to determine, which paradigm’s of sexual education underlying principles are in accord with the majority of Lithuanian citizens.





Christian Education and Psychology