• Culture and Society

    "Culture and Society: Journal of Social Research“ is a peer reviewed social research journal founded in 2009 at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. It presents interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical scholarship in social sciences. The journal welcomes contributions from a wide range of relevant fields, including sociology, social work, anthropology, gender studies, media and communication studies. Using diverse methodologies, the articles in „Culture and Society“ explore variety of topics related to globalization, identity politics in contemporary world, social welfare and multiculturalism. Contributions in both Lithuanian and English are welcome. The journal is published twice a year, is registered in the CrossRef system and uses plagiarism detection systems CrossCheck.

  • Science and Studies of Accounting and Finance: Problems and Perspectives

    The journal is peer reviewed, has been published since 1998 with one edition every two years as Conference Science and Studies of Accounting and Finance: Problems and Perspectives Proceedings. The interest of participation in the conference grew every year, and the focus on the research quality of the articles increased too. Global and dynamic science and business environment encouraged scientists to conduct fundamental and applied scientific research in the fields of accounting, audit and finance and to publish their results in well-known scientific journal. The synergy of the presentation of the research results in the conference and publishing them in the thematic journal is based on the worldwide scientific practice. Since 2012 Science and Studies of Accounting and Finance: Problems and Perspectives is the scientific journal with one edition every two years, and since 2016 will be published every year. Science and Studies of Accounting and Finance: Problems and Perspectives is the international, peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy.

  • Deeds and Days

    The peer-reviewed journal publishes conceptual and factographical interdisciplinary texts, sources, articles by local and foreign authors, reviews of scholarly publications, and reviews of significant events. Each issue has two parts. The first part contains separate articles and offers Lithuanian authors an opportunity to publish new essays of an original or symptomatic kind, while the second, monographic part is devoted to elucidating a specific problem or phenomenon.

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  • Journal of Water Security

    The Journal of Water Security is launched in 2015 by Aleksandras Stulginskis University Lithuania (current name Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy) and Riga Technical University, Latvia.

  • History

    Journal Istorija (History) belongs to the Humanities and Social Sciences area, History and Educology field (History Didactics, S 270 – Pedagogy and Didactics). Istorija is currently the only journal of history in Lithuania having ISSN and ESSN. The journal brings together the researchers who carry out fundamental and applied research on different periods of Lithuanian history, the history of the neighboring countries, history didactics, which may impact the Lithuanian history policy, encourages them to publish their findings and disseminate them in Lithuania and abroad. A total of 4 volumes are released per year. The scope of each volume makes up 10 author’s sheets. Articles are published in Lithuanian and English. There are no journal fees.

  • Social Work: Experience And Methods

    The mission and values of our peer reviewed journal are based on the social work concept defined by the International Federation of Social Workers. Social work is defined as a profession which promotes social changes, solves problems of human relations, empowers and emancipates human beings while strengthening their wellbeing. Journal Social Work. Experience and Methods aims to consolidate professional identity of social work in the articles which professionally analyze social work experience and methods. International Federation of Social Workers names social justice and human rights as the main values of social work. The mission of the journal is to consolidate these values in social work practice and theory. It is very important that articles published in this journal are based on the values of social justice and human rights.The mission of journal Social Work. Experience and Methods is to look for solutions of social problems, to seek for understanding diversity of the society, to analyze good practices, to present methods of change, to develop empowering ideas of social action. This way journal is a constantly developing social work knowledge forum which promotes construction of social work profession identity and development of social welfare.

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  • Social Education

    „Social Education“ is a periodical peer-reviewed journal in the field of social sciences. It is being issued by Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (formerly – Vilnius Pedagogical University) since 1999. The journal publishes articles in Lithuanian and English languages; 2-3 volumes of the journal are issued every year. The aim of „Social Education“ is to publish interdisciplinary scientific research publications in the fields of social pedagogy, management, economics, sociology, communication, philosophy and education science. The journal promotes research results performed not only in Lithuania but also abroad in order to provide the opportunity for scientists of various academic societies to participate in an open discussion of international level on the topics of science, society education, social policy and socio-cultural issues. Journal publications must contain the parts required for scientific papers: the aim and object of the research, methods applied, research results and conclusions. “Social Education” publishes original results of scientific researches performed by Lithuanian and foreign scientists, as well as practitioners. Working papers on social development, summaries and reviews of monographs, as well as presentations of research events are also welcome. All papers undergo a double-blind review process. More than 50 percent of editorial team members are foreign researchers. The submission and publication of papers in the journal is free of charge.

  • SOTER: Journal of Religious Science

    Scientific journal "SOTER“ has been published since 1924 by Faculty of Theology-Philosophy at Vytautas Magnus University, and renewed in 1999 by Faculty of Catholic Theology at VMU. Sections of the journal: Theology and Philosophy, History of Church, Canon Law and Social Teaching of Church, Christian Culture and Religious Studies, Christian Education and Psychology, Archives and Sources. 4 annual volumes are published in Lithuanian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish languages. The are no author processing charges or submission fees for publishing in "SOTER".

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  • Applied Economics: Systematic Research

    Applied Economics: Systematic Research is a scientific peer-reviewed journal covering systematic research as well as reviews of important scientific works and events in economics, finance, econometrics, and statistics. The journal is being reviewed in such databases as EBSCO (Business Source Complete), ProQuest, C.E.E.O.L and IndexCopernicus (IC).

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  • Pedagogika

    Pedagogy is an international open access periodical journal of scientific papers. The journal analyses problematic issues of the education system and self-education processes, the self-education practice transformation actions and processes, and education science empirical research data implementation in practice. Pedagogy publishes interdisciplinary publications in education and other science directions. Also, the journal publishes monographs, reviews of submitted doctoral thesis,  conferences surveys and discussion publications. Pedagogy is one of the first journals of education science launched in 1962 and named as Pedagogy and Psychology until 1980 and then renamed as Pedagogy.

  • Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Rural Development”

    Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Rural Development” was founded in 2003 and publishing every second year. The conference proceedings dedicated to publishing empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in Agro-innovations and Food Technologies, Biosystems Engineering and Environment Integrity, Sustainable Use of Natural Bio-Resources, Social Innovations for Rural Development.

    We welcome authors to participate in the 9th International Scientific Conference“Rural Development 2019: Research and Innovation for Bioeconomy“ (RD2019) and to publish their research articles in an open access online Journal of Conference Proceedings.The RD2019 will take place on the campus of the Agriculture Acadamy of Vytautas Magnus University, September 26-28, 2019. More details can be found

  • International Journal of Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach

    The scope of International Journal of Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach is to study the phenomena of human mental processes and behaviour, based on the viewpoint that both mind and behaviour originate, develop and function due to close interaction of biological and psychological factors with social environment. Such holistic understanding of mental phenomena as well as human behaviour stresses the necessity of integration of different branches of science. Therefore, the priority will be given to the topics, analysing psychological issues within the broader context, including biological, psychological, and social aspects.

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  • Law Review

    The Law Review is a peer reviewed full text online scientific Law journal that strives to publish articles on variety of current legal and interdisciplinary issues in the context of globalization.

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  • Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development

    Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development is the international, peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy the leading institution of research in agricultural & rural business management  and bioeconomy in Lithuania.

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