Guidelines for reviewers

The quality of scholarly journals depends largely on the quality of their reviewers. It is their efforts, the time they devote to reviewing, and their benevolent criticism that determine not only a given journal’s worth but also the significance of the total output of  scholars working in that field.

Thanking the reviewers of Deeds and Days for their time and efforts, we kindly request that in their reviews they consider and evaluate the following important aspects:

The fit of the manuscript to the goals, priorities, and thematic orientation of Deeds and Days (for the journal’s policies see;

The manuscript’s novelty, originality, and conceptuality;

Its awareness and use of the most important and newest sources in the scholarly literature on the topic discussed, and the extent and adequacy of its field of reference;

The manuscript’s value and relevance to the academic community and its possible effect on a broader audience;

The methodological justification for, and adequacy of, the research carried out, if any;

The manuscript’s satisfaction of requirements in terms of content and structure that a scholarly work must meet, the suitability of its arguments in support of its claims, and the clarity and comprehensibility of its academic language (see Guidelines for Authors 

A manuscript may be evaluated by filling out a special form provided for the selected reviewers (see the form …) or by submitting a traditional review text. In both cases we ask that you append the manuscript text with anonymous commentaries and remarks, if any. Specific commentaries in specified text places make copyediting much easier.

We ask that the evaluation be submitted with one appropriate conclusion selected from the following:

The manuscript may be published without any changes.

The manuscript may be published with minor changes (an additional review is unnecessary).

The manuscript may be published only after major changes have been made (an additional review is necessary).

The manuscript is not publishable.