Hans Urs von Balthasar: on the Cross as a Trinitarian Event

  • Gediminas Jankūnas Vytautas Magnus University
Keywords: Hans Urs von Baltasar, Triune God, kenosis, theology of the Cross, social aspect of sin, liturgy of Pachal Triduum


This article presents and analyzes the major topic of systematic theology – the Cross as a Trinitarian event. Author approaches this topic from the perspective of one of the greatest 20th century theologians, swiss Hans Urs von Balthasar. For him, it is the Cross of Jesus Christ as his self-offering/kenosis to the Father in free and loving relationship, which is possible through the space that the Holy Spirit gives for this relationship, which makes the Trinitarian life of God the most explicit and visible to the world. Anne Hunt and some other great contemporary theologians provide a handy overview of Balthasar’s theology, which at times (in this case of his treatment of Jesus’ descent into hell) comes very close in crossing over the safe boarders of Church’s Magisterium. Moreover, Balthasar develops his theology in the context of liturgical prayer, the Sacrum Tridium, which once again allows his readers to appreciate and to understand the true reality they encounter and celebrate during the liturgical prayer.

Theology and Philosophy