Kenosis of the Logos as a Key for God’s (re)cognition in Philosophy of Antanas Maceina


  • Ramūnas Boleslovas Malcius Vytautas Magnus University



kenosis, A. Maceina, Christ, (re)cognition


The article examines the importance of kenosis to the knowledge of God in the context of Antanas Maceina’s philosophy. Based on A. Maceina’s philosophy of religion, it is hypothesized that to truly know God, the kenosis of God, in this case, the kenosis of Logos, is necessary. The kenosis of the Logos is a necessary condition for knowing God because only a self-limited God can be known to man, since divine things are unknown to man in principle. During kenosis, God leaves the plane of transcendence and moves into a realm of immanence in which certain logic and principles of cognition operate. In the time of kenosis, God assumes all the laws and orders in force in the plane of immanence, so through Christ man can understand God.





Theology and Philosophy