Origin and Formation Peculiarities of New Religious Names


  • Aušra Rimkutė-Ganusauskienė Institute of the Lithuanian Language




religious term, name, neologism, derivative, compound, occasional derivative, origin, the mode (method) of formation.


In this article there are reviewed the origin and formation of new religious names, which are not researched yet, which are registered of the scientists of the institute of Lithuanian language in the online Database of Lithuanian Neologisms (hereinafter – ND) which is made and constantly filling since 2011. It is estimated, that the majority of neologisms, which are registered in ND, are not Lithuanian origin – even 75,4 %. It can be explained, that these new religious names define such religions and things, which are inherent to foreign countries, so it is difficult to find Lithuanian analogue and it is even beside of purpose frequently. Under fifth of neologisms are made using the formation implements of Lithuanian language or giving the new meaning for Lithuanian words. The minority of neologisms are with composite origin – 9,2 %. The coming of new religious names is a natural occurrence, which reflects changing language.





Christian Culture and Religious Studies