The Quasi-Oriental Myth about Christ: Jesus Was a Vegetarian

  • Rimas Skinkaitis Vytautas Magnus University
  • Gabrielius Edvinas Klimenka Vytautas Magnus University
Keywords: Quasioriental Mythology, Magical worldview in the Church, Pastoral Theology and Occultism, The Church's Approach to Pseudoscience


The article raises the issue of the belief in public discourse that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian, which has no real answer in Catholic Christology. The work reveals ideas based on quasi-oriental-esoteric ideologies, often presented as authentic biblical and Christian truths. It also analyses the esoteric and oriental religious movements which, through a selective method of facts and biblical quotations, seek to prove that the authentic teaching of Jesus has been lost and the knowledge forgotten forever can be revealed only through the new apocrypha. The article seeks an authentic answer to the question "Was Jesus a Vegetarian?".

Theology and Philosophy