The Influence of Esoteric and Pseudoscientific Disciplines on Christian Spirituality

  • Rimas Skinkaitis
  • Gabrielius Edvinas Klimenka
Keywords: esoterism and Christianity, magical worldview in the Church, Pastoral theology and occultism, Church's approach to pseudoscience.


The study explores the impact of various pseudoscientific and esoteric ideas on Christian self-awareness. The two spheres of influence associated with esoterics, new religious movements, and pseudoscience are reviewed: a) The positive, which encourages Christians to improve pastoral forms and seek new ways of pastoral care; b) The negative, which distorts the Christian self-consciousness and distracts the believer from conscious and weighed-down evaluation of events and phenomena of life. Considering the problems caused by the influence of esoteric ideas, reveals areas that are discussed in public discourse, but through a negative prism. Thus, the article analyses how the pastoral field becomes hyper-critical and departs from adequate evaluation. The article identifies problem areas and provides initial solutions.

Theology and Philosophy