A Teacher of Technological Education in Lithuania, Great Britain and Finland. What is She Like?


  • Birutė Žygaitienė Vilniaus kolegija, Lithuania
  • Evelina Buivydaitė Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Lithuania




technological education, technologies, household economics, design and technologies, teacher of technological education


The aim of the article is to compare the curricular of technology education and requirements for a technology education teacher in the analysed countries. The following conclusions have been made:

1. The conceptions of technological education in Lithuania, Great Britain and Finland are closely related to the aspects of integrity with other study subjects and the aim to prepare learners for successful adaptation in society. During lessons of technologies in Lithuania the modules of nutrition, textile, constructive materials, electronics and design are learnt. The lessons of design and technologies in Great Britain include innovative project learning of digital and engineering technologies and school learners study textile, constructive materials, design and nutrition.

During lessons of household economics in Finland, personal school learners’ qualities are developed while learning modules of nutrition and textile, whereas the subject-specific content of household economics is not emphasised. The aspect of technology modules is highlighted in the lessons of technologies and design and technologies, whereas that of social education is observed in household economics.

2. The requirements imposed on teachers of technological education in the analysed countries include excellent subject-specific, pedagogical and psychological preparation, ability to help school students to build up their value-based attitudes on the basis of the personal value system of an educator and ability to cooperate and work in teams. The research revealed the following differences: Finnish teachers are required to creatively implement curriculum, to be able to ensure tolerance-based education in the multicultural environment and to develop school students’ entrepreneurship skills; implementation of scientific research activities in the process of education and integration of information communication technologies are important to Finnish and Lithuanian teachers. The requirements to teachers in Great Britain are similar to those imposed on teachers in the other analysed countries.

Author Biographies

Birutė Žygaitienė, Vilniaus kolegija, Lithuania

Vilniaus kolegija, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies, Lithuania

Evelina Buivydaitė, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Lithuania

Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Technology and Technological Education




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Žygaitienė, B., & Buivydaitė, E. (2018). A Teacher of Technological Education in Lithuania, Great Britain and Finland. What is She Like?. Pedagogika, 129(1), 268–285. https://doi.org/10.15823/p.2018.18