For the use of artificial intelligence in the journal "Pedagogy"

The use of AI in "Pedagogy" is governed by the provisions of the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and the APA7 Citation Instructions;

  1. AI tools cannot meet the requirements for authorship as they cannot take responsibility for the submitted work. As non-legal entities, they cannot assert the presence or absence of conflicts of interest or manage copyright and licence agreements.
  2. Authors who use AI tools in the writing of an article, the production of images or graphical elements of the paper, or the collection and analysis of data, must be transparent in disclosing in the Research Methods of the paper how the AI tool was used and which tool was used. Authors are fully responsible for the content of their article, even those parts produced by an AI tool, and are thus liable for any breach of publication ethics.
  3. Authors must disclose information about the use of AI tools or AI-generated content to reviewers. When using AI tools or incorporating AI-generated content into an article, authors must respect intellectual property rights and comply with copyright laws.
  4. Authors have the right to be informed about the detection of AI in articles. A detailed report is sent to the authors.
  5. Authors should ensure that their article is original, demonstrates critical thinking and creativity, and is not limited to simply reproducing content or ideas created by AI.
  6. Authors who use AI must maintain APA7 citation according to:;