Thinking Level in Education: A Complete Revision of Anderson’s Taxonomy


  • Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan Jakarta State University, Indonesia
  • Henita Rahmayanti Jakarta State University, Indonesia
  • Agung Purwanto Jakarta State University, Indonesia
  • Diana Vivanti Sigit Jakarta State University, Indonesia
  • Edi Kurniawan Semarang State University, Indonesia
  • Ardyanto Tanjung Malang State University, Indonesia
  • Ruqiah Ganda Putri Panjaitan Tanjungpura University, Indonesia
  • Nurlita Pertiwi Makassar State University, Indonesia
  • Charanjit Kaur Swaran Singh Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia



education, new taxonomy, thinking level


The study aimed to revise Anderson’s taxonomy and implement the new taxonomy in learning. The study used the descriptive method and there were 6 types of instruments used according to new taxonomy. The results showed that students’ knowledge scores were still in a very low category at the Natural science, Environment, and Social Science at School and University levels. This study concluded that a new taxonomy had been developed and its implementation indicated that students’ knowledge score was still very low.




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Ichsan, I. Z., Rahmayanti, H., Purwanto, A., Vivanti Sigit, D., Kurniawan, E., Tanjung, A., Putri Panjaitan, R. G., Pertiwi, N., & Swaran Singh, C. K. (2021). Thinking Level in Education: A Complete Revision of Anderson’s Taxonomy. Pedagogika, 141(1), 53–78.