The Usage of Books Containing Augmented Reality Technology in Preschool Education

  • Monika Kelpšienė The creche-kindergarten „Justinukas“, Vilnius, Lithuania
Keywords: augmented reality, preschool education, preschoolers, skills, augmented reality books


The article analyses the importance of augmented reality technology in preschool education. It discloses augmented reality functions, digital tools and smart devices that supplement Lithuanian language books for preschool children, and the situation of their application in the process of preschool education. The results of the analyses show that books with augmented reality technology are perfectly suitable for developing the skills of cognition of the environment, exploration, perception, and expression of emotions and artistic expression. In addition, children learn to use software and other different digital tools. The results of the study of educators’ insights suggest that there is a whole range of ways to use books with augmented reality technology. The usage of books containing augmented reality technology provides opportunities to enrich the traditional educational methods and to make them more effective. These books supplement the educational process and encourage both - educators and children to develop the following skills: cognition of the environment, the concentration of attention, training of memory, enrichment of vocabulary, learning to read, creativity, learning sounds, ability to use software.
According to the information provided by foreign researchers the most commonly used technologies in education are: mobile applications; augmented reality based on the motionsensing program; picture books with augmented reality technology; augmented reality game systems. The usage of books containing augmented reality for education opens up new learning opportunities.

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