Comparative Analysis of Mathematics Textbooks for the 5th Graders from a Perspective of Gender

  • Monika Grigaliūnienė Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
  • Aušra Rutkienė Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Keywords: gender stereotypes, gender roles, comparative analysis, streotype threat


Fifth graders as young adolescents are recognisable by training their abilities to think critically and questioning gender roles. It is known that any representation of gender in purely traditional roles shapes students’ minds and influences their understanding of their abilities and interests. Therefore, their learning environment must be suited for students‘ growth as intellectuals. Textbooks, being one of the most popular tools between teaching materials, are responsible for the righteous portrayal of gender roles. The object of this study was to evaluate mathematics textbooks for the fifth graders using comparative analysis. For this research, four textbooks for fifth graders were chosen to be evaluated based on their usage in schools. Mixed methodology content analysis was performed together with evaluation analysis that was based on content analysis findings. For research purposes, the author‘s evaluation matrix was created. This research showed results determining the stereotypical portrayals of gender roles in all examined teaching materials. The portrayal of gender mostly dominated in traditional roles, almost in all categories was domination by males, except for traditionally ‘feminine’ household activities, also in some cases, there was a devaluation of women’s logical skills. It showed that the portrayal of man’s gender had superiority over the woman’s gender.

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Grigaliūnienė, M., & Rutkienė, A. (2020). Comparative Analysis of Mathematics Textbooks for the 5th Graders from a Perspective of Gender. Pedagogika, 138(2), 131-149.