The next scientific journal’s “Management theory and studies…” issue (Vol. 43 No. 1) will be published in March.

Dear Colleagues.

The Editorial Board would like to inform you that since 1st January 2019, Aleksandras Stulginskis University has been reorganized to Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy.
This is the first step in the reorganization of the university network planned by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Meanwhile, the Editorial Board of the scientific journal „Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development “ensures that it will not affect our journal, it has only inspired us to work, and we around to introduce our new Editorial Board members and innovative broad-based interdisciplinary publications that are presented in our journal.
Management Science and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development ensures that the magazine does not stop working and is reinforced with new editions of the editorial staff and new, broad-based interdisciplinary publications.
More about university reorganization can be found here:

We wish a good new year, openness to change, and innovative and significant research results!