Quality of School Life in Primary School: Students’ Perception

  • Marija Buterin Mičić University of Zadar, Croatia
Keywords: school life, students’ perception, primary school, quality


The paper deals with research data on quality of school life perceived by fifth - to eighth-grade primary school students. The data were collected by questionnaire survey. Students’ overall satisfaction with school and perception of specific dimensions of school life are analysed as well as differences of their assessments regarding gender, grade and school achievement. On the ground of research results, the importance of the enhancement of the quality of school life is emphasised.

Author Biography

Marija Buterin Mičić, University of Zadar, Croatia

Department of Pedagogy, University of Zadar, Croatia

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Buterin Mičić, M. (2019). Quality of School Life in Primary School: Students’ Perception. Pedagogika, 134(2), 135-150. https://doi.org/10.15823/p.2019.134.9