All articles of Istorija are peer-reviewed by two experts. Peer-reviewing is anonymous; it is based on a standardized review form. Each manuscript which fails to comply with the applicable requirements is returned for corrections. If the requirements are met, the manuscript is submitted to two independent reviewers. The reviewers are selected confidentially and perform a double blind review. In the event of diverging opinions (one has a positive opinion, the other has negative), the third reviewer is appointed. After the reviewers evaluate the manuscript, the author is informed about the manuscript’s suitability/unsuitability for publication or the author is requested to correct the manuscript according to the comments provided. The author should then correct the article taking into account the reviewers’ comments and prepare a written reply on the corrections made. If the author disagrees to the comments, the arguments should be provided.

The journal adheres to the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Authors (2011) and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers (2011) released by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Ethics of Reviewers

Reviewers shall ensure that:

  • the review is written professionally, objectively and within the time limit intended for the review;
  • confidentiality is ensured;
  • any current or potential conflicts of interest are declared;
  • the review meets the standards of correctness;
  • editors will be informed in case the author of the article is suspected of the breach of ethics.

Ethics of Editors

The editors of the journal shall ensure that:

  • decisions are taken objectively, impartially and fairly and are based on the value of the  article being submitted and its suitability for publishing in the journal;
  • peer-reviewing and the identity of reviewers are confidential;
  • the rules and requirements which are binding to the members of the editorial board, authors and reviewers of articles are complied with;
  • each volume is published in a timely manner and is in line with the established periodicity of the journal.