16. The Influence of the Europeanization in Lithuanian Family Law


  • Albertas Milinis
  • Kristina Pranevičienė




Europeanisation, family law, family law of the European Union, Brussels IIa Regulation, Maintenance Regulation, Rome III Regulation, property legal consequences of a marriage and registered partnership under European Union law.


The article analyzes the influence of europeanization as a phenomenon in the family law of the Republic of Lithuania. As the Republic of Lithuania became a Member State of the European Union, the application of European Union regulations, including regulations adopted in the field of family law, has become mandatory in national practice, questions of interpretation and application of such legislation remain of particular relevance. Taking into account that the legal framework of the European Union is constantly changing, the legal system of the Republic of Lithuania must also be adapted to the ever-changing process of europeanization and to be in line with the day-to-day jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The authors examine the most relevant European Union legislation in the field of family law, revealing their impact on national family law. The article identifies aspects of the interpretation and application of European Union law in national case law in order to highlight the main issues of interpretation and application of law and to propose solutions to them.


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Milinis, A., & Pranevičienė, K. (2018). 16. The Influence of the Europeanization in Lithuanian Family Law. Law Review, (18), 233–249. https://doi.org/10.7220/2029-4239.18.16