General education school: process of eutrophication

  • Vilija Targamadzė Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy
Keywords: School, Ecosystem, Eutrophication, School of the future


A general education school has been facing numerous problems: learning outcomes of school students have been deteriorating, the quality of its activity has been doubted, etc. It remains unclear if the school is still stuck in the past and if it is ready to answer the future needs and expectations. The changes caused by the fourth industrial revolution in the society as well as at school are inevitable. It appears that the school activity (educational in particular) may become inefficient and swampy due to external impact (anthropogenic factors). Therefore, the article analyses the school as a system revealing its similarity to the eco-system simultaneously emphasising its features. The emergence of school as a swamp (one of eco-systems) is shown. To achieve this goal the process of eutrophication is analysed. It is emphasised that eutrophication of every eco-system is unique not excluding that of school. Moreover, its results are not well-defined either: processes may change due to internal and external factors, transformations, etc. Three phases (oligotrophic, mesotrophic or eutrophic ones) distinguished in eutrophication of water bodes are analysed emphasising their similarities with the processes and transformations occurring at school. Attention is also drawn to the possibilities of managing this process (laying more emphasis on the school culture and development of school model that meets the needs and expectations of future). Taking into account the fact that all the features of eutrophication possess their certain specificities and are interrelated, it is essential to identify processes and transformations occurring at school. This will contribute to establishing the beginning of eutrophication or its certain phase already as well as reasons for eutrophication and its vectors of movement. This will make it possible to control the process targeting at the future perspective.


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Targamadzė, V. (2020). General education school: process of eutrophication. Social Education, 52(2), 6-16.