• Valentina Yankovskaya
  • Nina Dunchenko
  • Dinara Artykova
  • Marina Ginzburg
  • Kermen Mikhaylova
  • Elena Voloshina Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA
Keywords: agricultural products, assessment, value indicators, competitiveness, estimation methods, food products, product development, prediction, property tree, qualimetric method, qualimetric model, qualimetry, quality, safety tree, quality management, quality of life


Fusing best international and local quality management and control practices is one of the most effective ways to gain competitive advantage. Among other things, this includes implementing "customer focus" and "factual decision-making", the key principles of Universal Quality Management, through qualimetric models. The authors have identified qualimtric models with the best quality management potential across the food processing industry, at different product life cycle stages. They especially emphasize the potential of applying qualimetric forecast to food quality and safety. The authors have identified the main stages of product quality metrics forecasting to predict and achieve the desirable food quality in the most effective way possible. The proposed methods are a combination of qualifying methods and world’s best quality management tools and techniques. With the example of quality management in curd products at the development stage the authorship points out the indicators defining product quality and safety, ranks value in building product quality, gives a math formula to describe product quality and an algorithm to assess product quality based on a comprehensive quality indicator and deduce recommendations to achieve desirable and predictable product properties. The proposed stages of qualimetric forecasting, based on the integration of qualimetric models in quality management, have been tested on some curd products in production and proven to be practically effective.

Agro-innovations and Food Technologies