Latvians in United States, 1918–1922: Attitude towards Latvia

  • Ēriks Jēkabsons
Keywords: U.S. Latvians, Latvian state, Latvian War of Independence, ethnic minorites in U.S., political radicalism, recognition of Baltic states


Anotation. Te article covers the main directions of the activities by the Latvian émigrés in the United States in 1918–1922 in the context of Latvian state proclamation. It is done by reviewing the attitude demonstrated towards Latvian statehood as expressed through political activites, including the activities opposing the Latvian statehood and the context of general USA attitude towards the Baltic States. Te example of the Latvian émigrés is noteworthy both as regards the history of ethnic minorities in the USA, where under the circumstances Latvians formed a distinctive group, and as regards the history of Latvia: different attitudes towards the statehood in the homeland highlight the plurality of opinions among the Latvian émigrés.


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