• Indrė Bikelytė Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy


quality, service quality, transport service, quality improvement


In order to retain existing customers and attract new ones, it is important to ensure a high quality of transport services. The aim of this article is to analyse the improvement of transport service quality from a theoretical point of view. The article analyses the factors determining the quality of transport services, the regulations for improving the quality of transport services in the European Union and Lithuania, and specific solutions for improving the quality of transport services. The article is prepared using the analysis of systematic scientific literature, methods of comparison and generalization, according to the scientific literature of foreign authors and research. The analysis shows that companies should pay attention to reliability, staff efficiency and timeliness in order to improve the quality of transport services. The private transport sector has to take into account global problems, national, European Union regulations, guidelines that determine the direction in which the development of the transport sector must take place, and the improvement of the quality of services. The analysis of service quality regulations has shown that in order to improve the quality of the transport service provided, decisions need to be made on technological innovations and telematics solutions that will help deliver goods to the customer faster and more securely. Also automation, implementation of information systems, which would allow more efficient organization of processes and prompt provision of information to customers. Digital transformation is also important, which would contribute not only to the solution of environmental problems, but also to the reliability of information and the absence of errors. These decisions would increase customer satisfaction with the company's transport services, ensure the efficiency of the transport process and the high quality of the transport service.





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