No 11.1 (2017)


Publication sponsored by European Social Fund

Table of Contents

Economic Development and Growth

The Assessment of Influenceof Functional Government Expenditure on Subjective Wellbeing in EU PDF
Justinas Kisieliauskas, Jurgis Gabrielius Rudgalvis 13-26
The Evaluation of the factors influencing the shadow economy in Lithuania PDF (Lithuanian)
Inga Maksvytienė, Laura Valuckaitė 27-37

International Economics and Trade, Transition Economies

Iceland and economic integration: in or outside the European Union PDF
Hilmar Þór Hilmarsson 39-56

Labor and Demographic Economics

The assessment of flexicurity model elements and perspectives in Lithuanian labour market PDF (Lithuanian)
Remigijus čŒiegis, Viktorija Tauraitė 57-79
Why college baseball coaches earn less than football coaches PDF
Kevin A. Diehl 81-91

Finance and Financial Economics

Effects of the cultural factors on herd behavior manifestation in the stock markets PDF (Lithuanian)
Asta Vasiliauskaitė, Jurga Grikietytė-čŒebatavičienė 93-105

Public and Social Economics

Analysis of the knowledge formation of municipalities on the example of the wide use of renewable energy sources PDF (Lithuanian)
Audronė Klevienė, Lina Murauskaitė, Valentinas Klevas 107-125
Evaluation of impact of social expenditure allocation for social productivity in EU countries PDF (Lithuanian)
Zigmas Lydeka, Mantautas Račkauskas 127-144

Mathematical and Quantitative Methods in Economics

The usage of safe haven currenciesin mitigating portfolio risk during market turmoil periods PDF
Tamara Mariničevaitė, Žygimantas Mauricas 145-163