The Representation of the Way to Holiness in the Writings and Photography of Thomas Merton

Valdas Mackela, AugustÄ— ŽiÄ?kytÄ—


The Trappist monk Thomas Merton is one of the most widely read religious writers of the 20th century. His productive career as a writer and social activist made him an important figure of the Church and whole society. However, our research is not focused on the assumptions concerning his personal impact and the potential beatificationor canonization. The main object of this article is the discourse of Thomas Merton’s creative works. His various texts and other works are considered as an expression of his personal journey of life towards sanctity. While Godis the source and purpose of Thomas Merton’s way to holiness, his creative works are like means for active, integral, and conscious participation in God’s creation in everyday live.


Thomas Merton; Holiness; Spirituality; Monastic life; Contemplation; Everyday life; Zen; Text; Pho-tography; Fiction

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