No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

Pratarmė PDF (Lithuanian)
Egidija Ramanauskaitė 7-10
Preface PDF (Lithuanian)
Egidija Ramanauskaitė 11-13

Theory and Methodology

Identity Construction in Popular Culture PDF (Lithuanian)
Jūratė Černevičiūtė 17-28
Creation, Manufacture and Colonization of Symbolical Worlds PDF (Lithuanian)
Gintautas Mažeikis 29-48
The Group as a Dynamical System: A Possible Starting Point PDF (Lithuanian)
J. Rimas Vaišnys, Andrius Buivydas 49-58
Lessons from a Hippie Paradise Glimpsed Through a Keyhole (1) PDF (Lithuanian)
J. Rimas Vaišnys, Egidija Ramanauskaitė 59-67
Lessons from a Hippie Paradise Glimpsed Through a Keyhole (2) PDF (Lithuanian)
Egidija Ramanauskaitė, J. Rimas Vaišnys 69-86
Towards Modelling Group Behaviours: Neo-Pagan Community PDF (Lithuanian)
Egidija Ramanauskaitė, Andrius Buivydas, J. Rimas Vaišnys 87-124

Case Studies

Criminal Subculture Outside the Prison Walls: Homeless Ex-Convicts PDF (Lithuanian)
Rasa Indriliūnaitė 127-141
Punk Subculture: Construction of Identity and Social Practice in Lithuania and the West PDF (Lithuanian)
Reda Šatūnienė 143-163
Roerich’s Groups in Latvia: Relation Between the Search for Values and National Identity PDF (Lithuanian)
Janis Priede 165-176
Virtual Identity Signs in Online Communication
Aurelija Drevel 177-197
Fanzines of Metal Music Headbangers: The Codes of Identity and the Subcultural Group PDF (Lithuanian)
Neringa Liubinienė 199-220
Peculiarities of Moral Judgments Competence in Different Subcultures of Young People PDF (Lithuanian)
Marija Miselytė 221-243

Ethnographic Research

Subculture of the Dump PDF (Lithuanian)
Donata Petružytė 247-260
Women’s Basketball Team of Vytautas Magnus University: Subcultural Identity PDF (Lithuanian)
Eglė Žibinskaitė 261-274
Particular Attributes of the Metal Music Subculture PDF (Lithuanian)
Agnė Petrusevičiūtė 275-299
Apie autorius PDF (Lithuanian)
About the Authors PDF (Lithuanian)
Appendix. Society and Life Styles Questionnaire PDF (Lithuanian)
Grupės ir aplinkos = Groups and Environments (1) PDF (Lithuanian)