No 2 (2010)

GrupÄ—s ir aplinkos = Groups and Environments

Groups and Environments, a series of academic works, is designated for investigations of  subcultural groups. The objective for this series is to activate joint work by researchers who  are studying the behaviours of different groups in different social environments as well as interdisciplinary studies that integrate methods used in the social sciences, humanities and  the hard sciences.

This volume includes the results of the EU FP6 research project, Society and Lifestyles:  Towards Enhancing Social Harmonisation through Knowledge of Subcultural Communities/ SAL. This project was designed to extend knowledge about values and religions in Europe  by investigating groups representing various beliefs on values and religions in post-Soviet countries. Three main research fields have been established: ‘Taste’ subcultures, New religious movements and different ethnic/religious groups, such as drug users, skinheads, Euro-Indians, neo-punks, hip-hop enthusiasts, hippies, members of Anastasia and Vissarion, neo-Pagans, Hare Krishna members and national minorities such as Afghans, Muslims and Gypsies as well as others. It is expected that these project outcomes will be useful in the development of the Social Sciences and Humanities. Additionally it is presumed that the SAL project will result in greater tolerance towards different attitudes and lifestyles and enhance social harmonisation.