Groups and Environments

Groups and Environments, a series of peer-reviewed academic works, is designated for investigations of subcultural groups. The research encompasses 'taste' (lifestyle) subcultural youth groups, groups ascribed to New religious movements, ethnic minorities and their subgroups and numerous others, all having members who create an authentic/ individual lifestyles for their groups by interacting with one another and with the environment. The issues involved are relevant for Lithuania and the entire post- Soviet region, where such research traditions have not yet formed. The objective for this series is to activate joint work by researchers who are studying the behaviours of different groups in different social environments as well as interdisciplinary studies that integrate methods used in the social sciences, humanities and the hard sciences.

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Groups and Environments is a series of peer-reviewed research studies on small societal groups including “˜taste“™/lifestyle youth subcultures, groups ascribed to New religious movements, ethnic minority subgroups and others, lifestyle groups, organized groups, networks and movements. The purpose for this series is to stimulate Interdisciplinary studies. Thus it publishes articles in areas of the social sciences, humanities and hard sciences by authors analysing societal group behaviours: internal group dynamics as well as processes of actual interactions between groups. Such articles can be on theoretical methodology, case studies and ethnographic investigations. This collection of articles is designated for academic readers along with employees in social work, culture, education and other fields. All articles are reviewed by no less than two reviewers delegated by the editorial board.The articles are indexed in Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL).

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No 4 (2015)

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Groups and Environments, a series of academic works, promotes research on small social groups. Youth subculture is one area of study represented in the series. The focus is on values of members of youth subcultures and their modes of communicating values and ideas/ideologies which in many ways contradict those in the dominant environment. The series also features research on new religious philosophical groups, migrant groups, ethnic and other subgroups acting within bigger communities. The objective of the works is to foster research collaboration and the use of interdisciplinary approaches to gain a better understanding on the complex behaviours in the contemporary society. Different fields of study (history, anthropology, ethnology, sociology and philosophy) yield increments of knowledge on social behaviour. Some of the scholarly lenses are tilted to probe into the aesthetics and symbolic meanings of rituals in group celebrations. Other inquiries address their origins or look back further into the past for records of social behaviour in historical sources. Important thematic aspects of research are cultural identity retention in emigration and the dynamics of emergence, functioning and disappearance of cultural and political groups. Probing into different research areas from multifarious theoretical and methodological standpoints uncovers the complexity of different levels of social processes. The present volume of Groups and Environments features research on diverse small social groups ranging from Dalit students to metal music groups. This array of scholarship exemplifies only a minor part of diversities in regard to social values and behaviour. The present volume includes selected articles that were originally presented at the conference “Interdisciplinary Social Group Research“ held on November 6, 2014. The volume opens a new rubric for coverage of cultural and scholarly events related with the research interests of the series.

Egidija Ramanauskaitė