Discoveries. Anti-semitism in Lithuania from 1939 to 1940: Lithuanian State Security Department reports

Linas Venclauskas


This is a publication of documents consisting of reports of the Lithuanian State Security Department concerning Anti-Semitism from 1939 to 1940 (up to the month of July). The situation during the first few months of Soviet occupation is also reflected in the reports of the Kaunas City Police. The content of the documents varies from short messages about anti-Semitic activities to lengthy and detailed reports. If a report contains information about anti-Semitic proclamations, usually but not always the supporting documents are included, too. These documents are in the form of typescript, manuscript, poster, or proclamation. The documents are not gathered in one file, except in one case (f. 378, ap. 10, b. 158) where the file is devoted just to Anti-Semitism; that file only has 104 pages. In all other cases, information is given in the flow of general information about events occurring in that period.

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