The Suwalki triangle. A window into the genocidal future

Šarūnas Liekis


The events described in this article were part of the destruction of Poland as a national entity. The expulsion of the Jews from Suwalki triangle was part of the Nazi Germany’s plan to crush any will to resist and any possible opposition with utmost harshness and terror towards the local population. The events demonstrated that anti-Jewish policies started well before the mass extermination of the Jewish population. The people were expelled and discriminated, they starved and became victims of all kind of atrocities. The response of the Lithuanian government proved to be bureaucratically clumsy and inefficient, seeking justification for its own actions in formalities, and unable to foresee Nazi Germany’s further genocidal policies or solve responsibility issues.


Second World War; Holocaust; Suwalki; Suvalkai; Lithuania; Nazi Germany; Soviet Union; Wilno; Vilnius; Vilna

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