Editing of Simonas Daukantas: later corrections in “History of the Lithuanian Lowlands� (1828–1834)

Giedrius SubaÄ?ius


Simonas Daukantas’s manuscript “History of the Lithuanian Lowlandsâ€? (Istoryje Ƶemaytyszka, IƵ; 1828–1834, preserved at the Library of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore in Vilnius, over 1100 pages in folio) is considered a fair copy; nevertheless it contains certain corrections by the author. Daukantas’s original manuscript was rewritten (recopied) by Juozapas ButaviÄ?ius (Bt) at the Bernardine Monastery of Kretinga before May 17, 1835. Daukantas’s corrections in his manuscript may be divided into two groups: (1) the earlier changes that were transferred to ButaviÄ?ius’s copy, and (2) the later corrections that were inserted after the original manuscript had reached Daukantas’s hands following ButaviÄ?ius’s rewriting. This article is devoted to these later corrections by Daukantas. Orthographic peculiarities modified in later corrections may be grouped into four strata: (1) perhaps 1842–1845 (f. 1v–1v), approximate time of composing the book “BÅ«das senovÄ—s lietuvių kalnÄ—nų ir žemaiÄ?iųâ€? (On the Character of Ancient Lithuanians, both Highlanders and Lowlanders), printed in 1845; (2) perhaps about 1846 (f. 47v, 49r–53v); (3) about 1850–1854 (f. 56v–110v); 4) also about 1850–1854 (f. 155r–519r; but later than the third stratum). The intention of the first and the second stratum of corrections was to reshape the earlier orthography he used in IƵ, these strata being added during the St. Petersburg period in Daukantas’s life. Daukantas introduced the third and the fourth stratum at the time he was compiling his “Pasakojimas apie veikalus lietuvių tautos senovÄ—jeâ€? (Story of the Deeds of the Lithuanian Nation in Ancient Times; 1850–1854), most likely after he returned to Lithuania from St. Petersburg. The intention of corrections here was different—to revise some thoughts, to correct some mistakes and inaccuracies.


History of editing; History of orthography; Orthographic variation; Social history of the Lithuanian language; History of Simonas Daukantas’s manuscript History of the Lithuanian Lowlands

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