Effective Social Work With Alcohol-Dependent Persons: Lessons Learned in a Rehabilitation Centre


  • Alvydas Skirgaila Vytautas Magnus University/"Beacon of Hope" addiction rehabilitation center


alcohol addiction, rehabilitation center, effectiveness of social work, Twelve-Step Program


he aim of this article is to show what lessons alcohol-dependent people learn in a rehabilitation centre. Alcohol addiction is a complex and multifaceted problem that negatively affects communities, families, and individuals. In recent times, in order to ensure the effectiveness of their work with alcohol-dependent people, social workers have first needed to use a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach with clients. A special emphasis must be placed on spirituality. People with alcohol addiction need professional help. One of the main methods of such assistance is psychosocial rehabilitation, in which, in addition to the client, a social worker, a psychologist,a specialist in addiction diseases, a spiritual leader, and the family of a person suffering from alcohol addiction participate. The process of such psychosocial rehabilitation can take place in self-help groups, rehabilitation centres, and addiction centres. The results of the study showed that the rehabilitation centre’s social work with alcohol-dependent people is probably the most effective in Lithuania. Efficiency is shown by the following factors: the centre has agood reputation; competent employees; clients who have already received treatment here return; successful cooperation with clients’ relatives; strict order in the centre; long rehabilitation period; conscientiousness is developed; meets the financial criteria; attractive geographical location; a person is viewed holistically; The “Twelve Step Program” is used exclusively by
professionals who have worked on the program themselves. A combination of Minnesota and Daytop programs is also available. At the centre,clients become physically stronger, learn to be patient, plan their time, develop honesty, the ability to open up, a sense of responsibility, give up arrogance, develop inner maturity, and prepare to return to society.




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