Teaching through research - research through teaching: comparing scientific and subjective theories

Jean-Luc Patry


Teaching through research has a great potential for Master’s studies. The paper presents how this has been done in a particular case, comparing scientific and subjective theories, and how this course was simultaneously used to do research about this topic. The course proved to be a win-win-situation for the students and for the teacher/researcher. The rational and the method of the assessment and analysis of subjective theories through the dialogue-consent method is described and applied to the analysis of scientific theories. The procedures with the students is then presented, which differs slightly from the standard dialogue-consent procedures. In the result section, first, some outcomes of the data analysis are presented, then based on the students’ papers their experiences are described. The discussion section shows in what regard the course was beneficial to the students and for research.


Theory, Scientific theory, Subjective theory, Praise, Teaching through research, Research through teaching, Structure formation technique, Transition matrix, Modal matrix

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1822-1645 (Print)

2345-0258 (Online)