Cultural Diplomacy and the Experience of Bilateral Lithuanian – Polish Cooperation

Ieva GajauskaitÄ—


Since 2009, Lithuanian-Polish relations are described as a crisis, estrangement or pause. These terms are applied to bilateral political cooperation. However, at the same time it can be recognized that cooperation in sharedinterest areas is effective. What is more, it is worth mentioning that despite non-existing political high-level dialogue, bilateral agenda in the fields of security and defense, the EU policy, or on the local-government level is being implemented without any interruption. Cultural cooperation is not mentioned in addition to those areas. However, the cultural cooperation can have a positive impact on the general relations, because it helps within societies to form a positive attitude towards each other. Moreover, it can help with alternative ways of cooperation and stimulate people-to-people contact. Consequently, the goal of this research is to determine assumptions that are created for success of bilateral Lithuanian-Polish cooperation in the field of culture and assess the state of cultural cooperation between Poland and Lithuania.


Lithuania, Poland, cultural cooperation, cultural diplomacy, cultural policy

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